Saturday, March 24, 2012

Titanic Skirt

I am still here!
  I will be posting again, but in the mean time I have been enjoying and refocusing on my loved ones and our home.  Sometimes blogging about our life here in the pink house takes away from the moment, undermining the whole process.  I hope for blogging to be an extension of my love for being a housewife and mama not something that takes away from them.  All about creating a balance. 
 Make sense?  

Here is a quick post to share my latest circle skirt project, which has a Titanic theme.  We are a bit geeky over the Titanic.  We have travelled hundreds of miles to attend exhibitions, read countless books and for the 100th anniversary of the sinking we are preparing our outfits for my niece Solanah's Titanic tea event.  My skirt is not a part of my outfit for the tea, rather I have been inspired by Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus books.  She is a teacher with amazing outfits that go with each unit being studied.  You may recall I made a dragon themed skirt to accompany our Asia unit and Lunar New year celebration.  Up next is a solar system skirt!  

These are my favorite things to make ever!  No pattern, very little sewing, felt (love felt!) embroidery-even crude stitches add to the character of the piece. 


  1. OMG.OMG. OMG. LOVE.YOUR.SKIRT. This is brilliant!!!

  2. Oh my word!!! Love your hair, skirt and everything you are wearing...well done Coedith, you look sooooo gorgeous.


  3. Being a big fan of novelty circle skirts, I am IN LOVE with this!! So fantastic!


  4. That's just fabulous! And I love your new hair, have I seen it already? If I have, I've forgotten! I've always wanted my hair like this, one day!

  5. Missed you! That skirt is seriously amazing. And your hair is gorgeous- it suits you prefectly!

  6. LOVE your new hairdo!!! It's perfect!

  7. Such a cute skirt!Great outfit.And i hear you on the balance.I'd love to blog more but sometimes capturing moments to share does take away from being IN the moment.

  8. Nice to see you again. Glad you are back. :)

  9. Great skirt...I am in the sewing mood myself.
    Getting ready for things Scottish and Celtic.
    Good to see the kids working in the kitchen too!

  10. While the handiwork is lovely and I LOVE novelty prints and things like this, I am sorry, but this seems crass and macabre to me. Over 1500 people DIED that night on that ship. They lost their lives. Others—on board and ashore—lost loved ones.

    I've been a bit geeky over the Titanic since watching Bob Ballard discover her in '86. My bookshelves are full of tomes about the lost ship and about those who died in the sinking and those who managed to survive. But this...I'm sorry. I can't really get excited about this, especially considering the inclusion of the iceberg and sinking ship.

    Again, you are so wonderfully skilled, but this really troubles me.

  11. Jen, I can respect your point of view and it did cross my mind. The truth is though, we are all geeky over the Titanic for one reason-it sank.

    It would be a rare individual who could look upon an image of the ship without the iceberg and sinking coming to mind. I simply put into view what my mind's eye sees when seeing the Titanic.

    I am not profiting on that loss as many book authors, museum exhibits and movie makers have done. The Ballard discovery led to many artifact exhibits to fund (and profit) more explorations. Having been to two of the official artifact exhibits at science museums, I know that there is a 'game' of sorts where you are given a boarding pass with a certain passengers name and at the very end you get to find out whether you lived or not.

    Respect is in the eye of the beholder and I meant (as I am sure they did) no disrespect.

    All this to say I am sorry I offended you but I am not sorry of my depiction of the Titanic tragedy.


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