Friday, April 20, 2012

The Past Two Weeks

Quick and photo heavy update of what I am up to lately.  

Fort Building

Enjoying the sunshine 

We had over 50 people over this Easter!  Most were families of some lovely children we know, all refugees from Burma.

After our Easter celebration ended we headed over to an Easter Fiesta at Twila Jean's

I have been learning to cook and eat vegan, I hesitate to use that word as it is politically charged-  Better to say we are switching to a complete plant based diet.

Reading lots of stories

My daughter had this all laid out for the Titanic Tea

I basically would love to start all over with my outfit for the tea.  This picture isn't so bad-someday I'll share a few of the others where I cringe at myself.

Papa and my nephew Josh, handsome!

The Mr. and I had a little couple time in the form of a weekend escape

Homeschooling art

Keeping up with this little firecracker


  1. you've such a lovely family. I've been following your blog for a while and don't know why I havent commented sooner. great photos!

  2. Fun photos!Your family is fantastic!

  3. Just stoppin' by for a lil' visit at the pink look so lovely i adore your life at the pink house!


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