Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not So Dramatic Return

It sure has been some time since I was last in Blogville. 
 I had purposefully stepped away from the self inflicted demands of blogging in order to refocus on my family.  I loved blogging, but in a lot of ways it prevented me from being present with my children.  We could be having a wonderful time and I would step out of the moment in order to get a good picture.  I began letting my blog lead our activities rather than reflect them.  Not to mention the time spent uploading, editing and posting.  Add to this the emotional turmoil I put myself through over people's responses and well... I needed a break.

The question is then: "Why return?"
My family truly has benefited from my undistracted attention.  I also realigned my priorities with my values; God, family, and loving others.  I have done pretty well here, except the command goes to love others as you love yourself... As I do myself.  Get that last bit?  Myself.  oops I kinda let her go.  I am a very selfish person but loving myself is totally different.
 This blog is something I want to return to for myself -and do you know what?  That's okay.

See you soon!


  1. It is so crazy you posted this, lol. Out of the clear blue I was checking earlier today to see if you had posted lately. What a coincidence! Glad to read again, and glad you had a nice break. We all need it!

  2. I don't think you seem selfish in the least!

  3. Great to have you back! I know it's hard to keep things balanced, especially as a mom. It's something I struggle with too.

  4. Good to see you back, and I must say, you don't seem selfish at all.xx.

  5. Hey lady! Nice to see ya! P.S. - you are the least selfish person in the galaxy.

  6. It is nice to have you back, I always enjoy your blog. I am a late 30-something mom myself, and identify a lot with you. I get everything you are saying, there is nothing wrong with stepping in and out of activites for your family and returning for yourself.

  7. Yay you're back, nice to see you! I'm back too after many weeks away and feel exactly the same, I've missed it and it's for me

  8. Glad to see you back around! Yes, it's definitely a balance. A hard balance sometimes.


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