Monday, September 3, 2012

School Is A Battlefield

 I can tell you-and you can see, the correct undergarments did nothing to "perk the girls up".

Yesterday our homeschool classroom was a Civil War reenactment.   In the past few months we have  enjoyed researching and creating ensembles to wear to a Titanic tea, King Tut exhibit and a Sherlock Holmes society event.  The girls were very disappointed we decided to go last minute, which left no time to get their outfits together.
Do I feel a little guilty because I had one ready to wear?  Kinda.  
This dress also doubles for a pioneer-simply add a bonnet!
  When I think about the U.S. Civil War the first images to my mind are those of Southern Belles- and I must admit, that just isn't me.  Looking through images it is hard to get a good grasp on what the average everyday mama, like myself, would have worn- because having a photograph made was a luxury only the affluent could afford.  I finally found a character type that suited me in the refugee women.  These were women who lost their home and cities to the war.  Many took their children, along with whatever they could carry, and tried to follow alongside their husband's regiment. 

Of course I did meet up with a couple of my favorite Southern Belles, my two nieces Amy and Solanah.   They looked amazing!  Maybe I would have been their laundress?

Anyway, enough about the clothing.  If you homeschool, or just want to expose your children to more history, take them to a reenactment!  Ours was in Oregon, which proves you do not have to be in a battle state to find one locally.

P.S. My apologies for the Instagram pics, my camera lost it's battery!
For beautiful picture go here.


  1. So glad you are posting again. Your words and images were missed while you were away!

    The way you teach your children everyday is inspiring.

  2. I totally agree! And it doesn't have to be homeschoolers- public school kids get tons out of these too. I know because I was one- my mother took me to lots of Revolutionary War stuff as a kid and it inspired me to go into history as a career.

  3. When DH & I have children (hopefully in the not so distant future!) I hope to do all of those kinds of lovely things too :) I think it really brings history alive when you're able to immerse yourself in it! Your children are very fortunate to have you as their mother & educator!

    Stay Glamorous!

    xxxLottie Lee


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